Information on Prayer Circles within the Church
Prayer Groups

Prayer Circles 

What are the Prayer Circles for?

To bring before God anyone who needs the support of prayer for themselves, a family member, a friend or colleague, and for corporate issues that affect our community and world. 

Who can use them?

Anyone who wishes us to pray for and/or with them.

How do the Circles work?

The Circles consist of several members of the congregation who are committed to praying for people, issues and events in need of prayer, as soon as the request comes through,

If you have a prayer request please contact the Leader (Helen Lewis) or a Steward. They will then activate your prayer request immediately by contacting members in the chain.

Anyone is welcome to join the Circle at any time, and there is a group who receive messages by e-mail as well. 



Intercessory Prayers


Intercessory prayers are a vital part of each Sunday's worship at Woodbridge Methodist Church.  These prayers are led during the worship services by a team of people who lift up joys and concerns for prayer by the congregation.  Prayer requests, both individual and collective, are gathered through the Stewards and our Minister.


Anyone interested in becoming part of the intercessory prayers team can contact the Minister or a Steward.  New people are always welcome!



Prayer & Share Lunch


We meet on the last Wednesday of every month at 12.20 in the Octagon.  We share the lunches we have brought and at about one o'clock we spend about twenty minutes in quiet with two short readings, concerns are shared spoken and unspoken, closing with the Lord's Prayer and The Grace.  Everyone is welcome to join us -- even if you have no lunch with you -- there is always plenty!