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NICKI DIXON Children and Families Worker 

 I feel truly blessed that the path God has put me on has brought me here to work with you all and the communities our churches serve.

I live in Sudbury, where I was born and raised, and am married to Jason. I have two sons, Patrick (21) who runs his own web businesses from home in Stowmarket and James (18) who starts university in London in September studying sports business and coaching.

In the time between being offered this opportunity and actually starting, I have been scribbling down lots of ideas about how to share God with our wider communities, drawing on things I have done in the past as well as totally new things I'd like to try.

One of my passions is God's World and how we are here to look after it. Last year I ran a 10-week Saturday morning club at Sudbury Library for primary school aged children and their parents called Planet Library where we learned about the world and its animals through arts, crafts and reading.

Drama is another love and I would love to see new drama clubs grow and thrive at our churches, telling Bible stories in fun and spontaneous ways, giving children and their families the chance to either perform or be part of a crew making simple sets and costumes.

I have a lot of energy and am very creative, firmly believing that children absorb so much more when they are involved rather than just being told so do expect to see things being made, displayed and shown off in church.

I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to meeting you all and tackling all the challenges ahead, whatever they may be